If you take advantage of the Table inventory option, the system relies 100% on your tables (your floor plan), your possible combinations, and your meal times to manage your availability online.

To find out if you are using the table inventory or not, simply go to your Libro Back Office, in My Restaurants, then Settings, then Floor Plan.

To enable/disable this feature, simply send us a request at support@librorez.com

Table Settings

Each table has its settings:

  • minimum and maximum people per online booking

  • online and internal availability

Click here to learn how to modify your floor plan

Table Combinations

It is important to make sure that your table combinations are accurate and can accommodate the maximum of people you accept for online reservations. For instance, if you take online reservations up to 12 people, you have to make sure to have at least one combination possible for 12 people.

Click here to learn how to update your table combination

Useful resources
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Table combinations

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