It is possible to link the tables on your floor plan to experiences. This allows your clients to select the experience they want when they are reserving online. You, therefore, allow your customers to reserve the table or section of their choice.

Note: You need to have the table inventory feature activated in your account in order to avtivate the experiences. If you are not using the table inventory, please contact us for more information

Create your experiences

You can create the experiences directly in your Back Office. In order to do so, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to your Libro Back Office

  2. In the tab My Restaurants

  3. Click on Settings next to the name of the desired restaurant

  4. Click on the tab Experiences

  5. To create a new experience, click on Add and experience



You can then enter the name of the experience in English and in French (the language of the experience will be displayed according to the language selected on the reservation widget).


If you check the box Default, this means that the experience will automatically be associated with every table and to the new tables that you will create on your floor plan. You will always have the option to modify the experience linked to the table later on.


Link your experiences to the right tables

Once your experiences are created, you will need to go back to your dashboard to link the experiences to the tables. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Modification of your floor plan

  2. Double-click on a table to access its settings

  3. Click on the field under "Experience"

  4. Modify it to the desired experience

  5. Click on Save

  6. You will need to do this individually for each table


Online Result

The experiences will be displayed this way on your reservation widget:

Image 1-15-2022 at 7.28 PM

Dashboard Result

You can view the experience selected by the customer on the reservation window.


Ressources utiles

Modify your Floor Plan

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