Download and install Libro on your different devices to easily manage your reservations from anywhere.


How to

Libro Desktop

Laptop on Samsung
  1. Open Chrome or any other browser

    1. Access your Dashboard here:

    2. Access your Back Office here:

  2. Enter your Libro credentials to Log in to your account

  3. Click here to know how to install the Libro shortcut on your computer

You can also access your account via our website on, by clicking on Sign in at the top right.

Libro Mobile

Mobile Phone on Apple
  1. Open your App Store and search for Libro Resto

  2. Click on Open and enter your Libro credentials to Log in to your account

You can also access the app directly with the following links:

Important: Once in Libro, make sure that the date of the calendar and the time at the top right are correct. If the date and/or time are not correct, you must change the time zone of your device.

Useful resources

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