For your clients to be able to reserve via your Facebook page, you will need to be an admin of the restaurant's page and follow the instructions below:

1. Under the cover image, click on Add a Button.

If you already have an action button in place (e.g: Call Now), click on the blue action button and then click on Edit Button.

2. We are currently in the process of obtaining a partnership with Facebook and Instagram in order to be part of the choices via the Reserve now button.

In the meantime, choose Contact Us or Sign up and enter the URL of your Libro widget.

3. How to find my booking URL for Facebook?

From your Libro back-office, go to My Restaurants, then Settings, then Widget.

You will find the URL for Facebook at the very bottom of this page, under Show a reservation button on your Facebook page.

Useful resources
Install Libro on Google
Install Libro on my website
Install a Libro shortcut on a computer

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